Valves and Pump Industries Products

We develop a wide variety of products supporting pumping industry such as pump impellers, (open and closed), casing, glands, covers, bodies, diffusers and many more. The equipments are thoroughly tested for strength and surface integrity using advanced testing systems, all aimed at delivering the best products.

Automotive Industry Products

We offer customized automotive parts made through the casting process. Complete customization is possible in regards to dimensions and other technical details. Automotive industry products include engine parts, transmission parts, axle assemblies, safety fittings, gearbox castings and automobile aesthetics. Our efficient production can handle over 1 million parts per month.

Defense Equipments

We endeavor to produce weight sensitive military equipment parts like thin walled castings, aircraft engine castings with strict alloy compositions and other crucial airplane parts. We also manufacture parts supporting the nuclear industry, with complex designs and shapes.

Instrumentation and Control Equipments

We have also perfected the manufacturing process of these instrumentation and control castings such as control valves, butterfly valves, rotary plug valves, safety relief valves, pressure-reducing valves, electrical actuators, sealed valves and many more. We produce high quality products in line with industry standards.

General Engineering Equipments

These are parts like rock handles, cams, brackets, hydraulic machine parts, connectors, filter parts, grippers, levers and other important tools for engineering and heavy applications. We are focused to give the best general engineering equipments, In terms of timely delivery and meeting the quality standards.

Pharmaceutical Machinery

Transportation Equipments

Transportation fittings exhibit high corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and high heat and wear resistance. They can be made from alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, tool steel, copper nickel alloy depending on customer requirements. They include couplings, winches and many more, which can be used in heavy trucks, marine and off road sites.

Food Processing Machineries

Fire Fighting Equipments

Firefighting tools are products including all types of nozzles and gate valves machined to perfect finish and manufactured in line with all the fire safety standards. Sizes are of standard sizes and customized parts can be manufactured.

Other Machineries

Parts for assorted machineries such as pneumatic and heavy machines are made here. Different parts require different levels of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We support all industries including those using different alloy parts for their processes.